Belarus may become a member of the EU in 15 years

Tsigankov "Rada creators claim that the main task of this body will be to develop a strategic vision of the European integration of Belarus, the definition of certain political, economic, institutional, legal and information actions necessary for the establishment of European standards and training of Belarus to EU membership. As one of those people, who have agreed to enter into this parliament, how do you see the European perspective of Belarus? "Antipenko:" I think it can be. I hope and believe, Belarus someday become a member of the European Union. This can occur when 2-criteria — in-1-x, if we we have strong community of civilians and, in-2, if we have a clear vision, a number of other projects related to the Belarusian situation, economic scenarios and so on. Under these criteria, we can become members of the EU in the long term, even 15 years. "
Tsigankov: "Obviously, the way the Euro supporters in Belarus more than those people, who openly about this claim. Some are afraid of knowing the official attitude to the other range. And the main question they emit: "And who awaits us there?" It seems that you answer it? "
Antipenko: "I may disappoint eurooptimists and if answer is that no one expects us. But if we build economic, social and political system that meets all modern democratic standards, we most naturally Chan become an EU member. Indeed, if we not ready, then we have no one expects in Europe.
The problem only in us. In fact, if we really want to live because Europeans live. Do we want to have freedom, freedom of enterprise, have a responsible government, to be free citizens. If we answer in the affirmative, and then become part of the European Union. "
Tsigankov: "When they say" no we did not expect, "then I get the question:" And who expect Chinese or Korean products in Western markets? "They are there to wade, pralomvayutstsa. So to behave? "
Antipenko: "Of course. Prazdnichek life we must create"

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