Belarusian basketball approximate the 2008 Olympic Games

Suddenly, for many professionals team of Belarus decided whether not the main problem which put before pupils of head coach Anatoly Buyalskyy.
Once in the semifinals, Belarus secured for themselves a ticket to the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. But China will go straight to the only gold medalist competition, and therefore it is possible that the coaching staff at the moment and will be the maximum objective.
True ambition Belarusians will become apparent after tomorrow’s game between the team and the winner of Belarus Belgium — Spain (now these teams will play later in the evening).
"Hit the semifinals seemed something out of science fiction"
On the TV channel "LAD" broadcast from the European Championship is a sports commentator Dmitry Gerchik. Ask whether there is expected to sustain it in the air so long?
"Honestly, no. As a journalist and commentator. Inwardly somewhere hope was, but the realities of women’s basketball Belarusian now so violent and unpredictable that, to be honest, his hopes high for a decent performance in the second stage.
Getting into the quarterfinals and even more so the semifinals seemed something out of science fiction. And for me now, without exaggeration, a large prazdnichek.
At this point, of course, hunt even more. Let not win the championship, but at least in the semifinal win — that the medal was already directly, but in the match for third place less waste nerves. And getting to the end of the debutant — it’s just feerychnae be something for the fans, and for Belarus, I think so. "
As explained Dmitry Gerchik, it is possible that soon Belarusians will act in a typical mini-World Cup.
Means qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Beijing, which will accept the role of twelve teams: four from Europe, 3 from America, two from Asia and two in Africa and one from Oceania. Of this amount, the best gain for 5 subsequent year tours to China.
Alexander Milinkevich: "This is a magnificent success"
But, despite the mood Belarusian basketball players, they are willing to save power and to solve the problem without maximum-role in the qualifying round. Another thing, can make magic debutantes and become champions of Europe?
Belarus favorite in basketball and in the midst of the 1990 president of the club "Grodno-93" Alexander Milinkevich in ecstasy from the Belarusian team games:
"Well, this is a magnificent success. And I’m really very happy, as the result of a sudden entirely. Indeed, in country clubs are not so strong, but the team still is — thank you. Excellent play. I always say that harsh, club sport game, as basketball, soccer, volleyball, can develop if there is a market case when developing business. because only business can keep such discipline, the government will never be able do. But here, even in such difficult financial criteria and suddenly — such success. "
But in other gaming disciplines Belarusians are not so lucky. Yesterday ended the way for the European Cup players BATE.
Losing in the first leg of the UEFA Cup the Spanish club "Villarreal" with a crushing score of 1:4, the other day Borisov at the stadium "Dinamo" only assist guests secure success, losing 0-2. Earlier trials BATE get the core group of the Champions League had no result.
After a home draw with Romania "Stsyavay" in Bucharest Belarusians also have not been able to counter the more experienced competitor.
The last decade of September was a decisive and Belarusian tennis players, who in 2003 held in the elite of world tennis’s most prestigious global championship — Davis Cup. But in Peru veterans Belarusian Max Mirnyi and team Vladimir Voltchkov lost owners and plunged into the Euro-African zone where such difficulties once beaten out in people.

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