Breast cancer: prevention is better than cure

Number of breast cancer cases in the world has risen sharply after the 1970s. One reason spetsy consider configuration in the style of life of people — lack of exercise, stress purchased, meals in fast food.
According to the results of the 1st of research, an unlimited number of Polish emigrants in the U.S. specifically in exile fell ill with breast cancer. The reason was a sharp change in diet — at home, they consumed significantly more cabbage, popular in the public kitchen. And according to foreign researchers, cabbage is very useful for the prevention of disease.
Belarusian experts at treating disease adhere to international standards.
Natalia knows Kozlovsky, researcher at the Institute of Oncology medical radiology:
"Not to say that somewhere out there in the West, invented some magic pill. No. At the moment, there are traditional standards of healing breast cancer, and we adhere to them. We have to do this and technical ability, and information. So we’re at a decent level in this regard. "
According to Natalia Kozlovskoj Belarusian doctors comprehensively studying foreign experience of colleagues — this role in international scientific conferences and exchange of spices from different countries.
But foreign experience often stumbles on national habits, mentality and social insecurity ladies. Especially in rural areas.
"Well, here’s a clear example. Recommended lady runs two miles a day. This is one of the components of an overarching prevention. But we have a lady in the village and 20 can go two miles per day. And in our case, more fundamentally, that lady had the opportunity to telly on the couch and look at a newspaper to read. "
As is the case with other diseases to prevent breast cancer easier than cure. But educational activities in this direction again opposes same Belarusian reality.
"They come from a lecture on the village — and they’re there all day running back without rest. So, they say — a fascinating lecture, thank you, and you can determine the pressure and let us aspirin?" — Says Ms. Kozlovsky.
And yet public awareness of the prevention of breast cancer grows in Belarus, says Natalya Kozlovsky.
Very fundamentally, emphasizes the physician, that the ladies in our country just more appreciated and more about themselves for themselves were busy. It is often necessary to prevent access to antenatal care, avoid bad habits, try to eat healthy food.

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