Citations past: One Lenin 200 thousand inhabitants

"Orsha Gazette" in 1917 under the heading "Local Life" reported: "We report that Orsha council of workers and soldiers in connection with the fact that the room Cinématographe, which he currently holds, for some reason can not be more in The Council decides steps to take public meeting space Petragradkay on the street. "
"From archival sources that 1st Slutskaya school based in May 1617 — sets out in 1967" Reddish change. "- Issued in her dedication literacy indicated that Moscow will be built Evangelical Reform temple and a school for training Christian Young.’s based on this school in 1630 in the town gymnasium was opened … is noteworthy that only 50 years Russian authorities raised for our school property in the 10-ki times more young people than in the past 300 years. "
Valery Karbalevich entitled "Signs and politics" in 1997 on the pages of "Free News" notes "on each observation is an dominance in Belarus Russian characters. This is reflected in the names of streets, collective farms and other proper names, not to mention the municipal flag and coat of arms. Of about 2-thousand monuments to Lenin, who were in the USSR, 502 (or every fourth) were in areas of Belarus. Monument to the leader in the amount per capita is the world’s favorite republic — one Lenin 200 thousand inhabitants. "

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