Do the citizens of Minsk on European march?

Reporter: "Did you know about the" European march "? Are you planning to take part in it? "
Lady: "Was mailbox newspaper. But I’m not going to go, because nothing has changed. "
Guy: "Heard. Oct. 14, it seems, and 14 hours. Do not know, I’ll go, since differences in society — do not know for whom to go. As usual."
Woman: "Of course, heard. Stickers all over town, it’s hard not to see. I’ll go, since democracy — something lacking our country. Maybe it would change anything. "
Man: "I do not go for such shares. Maybe they needed, but I’m on them do not know and am not interested."
Lady: "Eighteenth-number will be" European march ". Come with your own svatstsyay. After all, we wish the best of life. "
Guy: "I heard, but I will not go on it.’s Not my. But I know I have guys that all such marches stroll."
Guy: "The smallness heard, but I will not.’s No time."
Woman: "I have not heard and do not know why he is. But if that intrigue me, you can, and go."
Man: "I have heard, of course. While I think. Maybe even go. After all, there must be some configuration in society. "
Woman: "I know about the" European march ", but it will not go. I am a student, I’ll go to my parents. I am for such a march, but he has no chance. Again it crushed as strangled and 25 March, and on This time strangle. "
Guy: "Have you heard, but disagree a little with some ideas of the opposition. Notwhich they say, that we should not cave in to Russia, but we have to bend to the European Union. I disagree fundamentally. And second — led a gathering place for October Square. Again, all closed, no one will not pass. Was necessary collected about Academy and go. "
Reporter: "And do you go?"
Guy: "Yeah, I’ll go. Indeed, there go my friends, and I can not leave them. If they go there alone, they will destroy it."

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