Drunk driver biting a traffic policeman

"Narodnaya Volya" prints an interview with the creator of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir Stanislaus Husak, who spent 30 years in the Belarusian energy. Among other, the emperor Husak discusses the idea of building a nuclear power plant in Belarus. In general, he supports the idea and believes that the emergence of nuclear power would be a step forward in the energy sector, but with certain remarks: he believes that the official propaganda soon defends the interests of, and emphasis on the fact that Russian nuclear reactors are not terrible Western. The expert believes that if put in Belarus Russian reactor, the fuel elements for it will be Russian, and it will make volatility from the adjacent country wholly.
Krichevskaya newspaper "Free City" examine the problem of why there is no area in Krychau high-quality bread. According to the newspaper, local bureaucrats are not allowed in the area of products from other bakeries, which could make konkurentnst local businesses.
"Our word" continues to print materials for the biography of General Cyprian Kondratovich. Knows the chief editor Stanislaw Sudnik:
"This is brand new information about the way the service minister Belorussian People’s Republic of, General of Infantry Cyprian Kondratovich. Once we have printed information, the book came out later, now continue to dig even further. Maybe dakapaemsya to diaries because diaries General is, they are in the UK. While they do not give. "
Newspaper "Gantsevichi hour" tells the story of a funny incident: inhabitant of a village district Hantsavichy was arrested police officers and traffic police for driving while intoxicated. Police summoned villagers, who saw that the Emperor to ride through the village on the very highest speed. Apprehend the offender was hard, and if it still was caught and put into a police car to take in Gantsevichi, it is very biting road police arm. Now he will be tried for resisting law enforcement agencies — the driver faces up to 3 years of restriction of liberty.

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