Entrepreneurs: after one day — strike a lifetime?

Participants met in Minsk strike with the head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinovsky. The meeting was held in the City Center Property.
According to a member of the organizing committee of the public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" Nikolai Romashin, organized a meeting to release the tension in the midst of entrepreneurs:
"Nobody there has not made substantial. Again the same — he said, you give us suggestions, and we will consider. These proposals have already been written a thousand. Switching to these" Chupa "(private unitary enterprise. — AD) is simply not thought out. bureaucrats Just very hunt drive us all to "Chupa." And again as the whole system of transparency economy does not work. Many proposals have already been submitted. I already can not fit in the car, all these proposals. "
Now in the center part of individual entrepreneurs do not come to work and continues to strike.
One of the owners, who did not want to call his own behalf, said:
"They do not go from October 1. Strike can be a life — until they solve their problems. As they spoke so that we do not go out to addition time, until we decide that, at least cancel penalties and forfeiture. Pause scan books, make the moratorium. "
By striking Slonim bureaucrats came from.
Chairman of the organizing committee of the public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev about yesterday’s strike-republican said:
"I think that the outcome is, if the markets stroll bureaucrats begin now pranyuhvats why strike. Somewhere someone in the administration cause. This is a common situation in the camps. If in Minsk now negotiating table, even mimic them it indicates, that power scared. They did not expect that so many people with such a small tormoznut awareness. "
According to the organizing committee of the Republican public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise", striked together about 30 thousand people. This businessmen Minsk, Bobruisk, Vitebsk, Rechitza, Baranovichi Svetlahorsk, Slutsk, Borisova, Pinsk and other cities.
In the department of the Ministry of Economy said that the strike only in Minsk. Other information, they say, so far only collected.
Victor Gorbachev said:
"In the towns spent questioning in those markets where there was a strike. Yesterday markets the decision that if the 760 th and 302 th presidential decrees will not be canceled and no repression ended against businessmen, will be announced in the new year lifetime, without paying tax strike — Jan. 1. Someone offered from November 1, but most were in favor of January 1. For termination of all markets of Belarus. "
To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats, 2.10.2007 • Photo report strikes business, 2.10.2007

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