Founding meeting of the Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives

Was elected chairman of the board recognized the Belarusian scientist and public figure, corresponding member of the State Academy Belarus Ivan Nikitchenko (pictured), his deputy — chairman of the Commission on Chernobyl» Joint civilian Alexander Volchanin Party and Secretary — Chairman of the Chernobyl Commission BPF Yuras Meleshkevich.
In an interview with BelaPAN I.Nikitchenko noted that the documents for registration of the union» will be presented to the Ministry of Justice in October.
Center will rest in the midst of post-Chernobyl effects monitoring; collection of disk imaging on various initiatives to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl, in including development of net production of radionuclides from agricultural territories dirty radiation, development and implementation of educational programs; publication and distribution of printed materials on overcoming post-Chernobyl effects as conducting research and public events (in including discussions, lectures, conferences, seminars and exhibitions).
Near Belarus build nuclear burial, 18.09.2007
What utter Gorbachev on NPP construction in Belarus?, 13.09.2007

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