Franak Vyachorka in films

"Evening Brest" examine the problem of why suddenly stopped their work Berezovskaja company "Frandesa" engaged in the creation of plant protection products. Foreign enterprise inaugurated in This year July 20, but on September 11, stopped working. Management office claims that their work is of a seasonal nature and therefore temporary break accidental. Coupled with the fact in Bereza is collecting signatures for the fact that close "Frandesu" because making chemicals may be safe for inhabitants of the town. Also there is a resolution of Bereza district inspection of natural resources and environmental protection that work to stop the "Frandesy" because there is a violation.
"Bel" refers to another case of medical surgeons. Soon the dock will be a heart surgeon — head of department of the Republican center "Kardyyalegiya" and two representatives of commercial structures. They blame that in 2001-2003 they almost forced the center’s patients receive at their own expense for material operations on heart. Meanwhile doctor-cardiologist, currently deputy director of the center "Kardyyalegiya" Yuri Chesnov shows on the pages "BelGazeta" that several years ago really was the problem with suitable materials. Because there was nothing criminal that doctors from time to time offer customers purchase their own account.
Franak Vyachorka has become the master, the report online newspaper "Solidarity". Policy gave the young to play a supporting role in the movie "Tuteyshyya" director Valery Mazynsky currently takes for the channel "Belsat". Franak have worked together with famous actors like Paul Kharlanchuk and Anatoly Kot. Novice actor admits that had to sacrifice during the filming of his hands. In the movie there is an episode where there is a general fall to the ground while dancing and Franak Vyachora while working on this episode knocked for his own hand. Film "Tuteyshyya" based on the play of Yanka Kupala removed in Poland, in Tykocin.

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