Garry Kasparov: Putin acts as Lukashenko

Congressman U.S. House of Representatives Tom Lentas knew personally Anna Politkovskaya:
"Anna Politkovskaya — One of the most distinguished ladies I have met in my life. This unusual man was killed in his apartment building, and it is one of the many victims of power, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian. "
Tom Lentas also in his speech gave the highest rating capabilities and courage Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov’s favorite "Joint civilian front," which also participated in the forum. Garry Kasparov in Washington read about Anna Politkovskaya and the situation in Russia:
"October 7th day we remember how catastrophic coincidences. None of us believed, but it was unfortunate case. In This year throughout the Russian state propaganda machine worked funny day birthday Vladimir Putin and ignored the anniversary of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. We all need to do everything possible to change this terrible situation. Now we can say that Putin is very wrong when a year earlier, in his own first reaction to the murder of Anna, he said that its impact was quite young and her death did more harm to the Russian state than its publication. "
Garry Kasparov said that he can not quite positively evaluate democracy under former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, but in those days in Russia were certain institutions that could provide for the future — but at the moment everything is destroyed:
"One of the fundamental parts of the quasi-democracy Putin — that Putin’s popularity. For the authorities it is very crucial. Always we demonstrate the growth of the popularity, and a day since the election called by supporters of Putin may Strength to 100%."
"I call for caution in the use of definitions like" Election "and other democratic political definitions in communicating about Russia. Since it all — falsification. In Russia there is no struggle for victory in the elections, we are fighting for still to have a choice" .
Garry Kasparov noted that there are many fundamental issues in relations between Russia and the United States, and "energy dependence of European countries by the Russian Federation", but, in his words, "double standards" should not be used:
"Today we have such an uncomfortable situation when Putin acts as Lukashenko (Belarus) or as Mugabe (Zimbabwe), but with Putin treated as the exclusive representative of the democratic club. Our homeland is now not correspond to any democratic standards. "
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty was one of the organizers of the forum in Washington, in which participated South American parliamentarians, human rights activists, representatives of the Russian opposition. Remembering Anna Politkovskaya, they talk about the limits of freedom of speech in Russia, the facts of human rights violations.
At the time speaking at a conference in Washington, one of the managers of the Committee to Protect Journalists Nina Ognyanova said that since 2000, in Russia in the performance of official commitments were killed 17 employees of media.
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