Gazprom is interested in a speedy control over Belarus’ gas pipeline system

Tsigankov: "As far as the temporary phenomenon — lack of enthusiasm for Russian energy monopoly to investments in Belarus? Either this is a definite strategy — in including due to the fact that the price of Russian gas is changed? "
Manyanok: "I would not say that will not be quite enthusiastic. The fact that "Gazprom" does not yet have a controlling interest in a joint venture with "Beltransgaz" — as we know, it has only 12.5 percent. If he had 50 percent, vkladyvatelnaya activity would be pretty big. First, is the construction of gas storage facilities. First, this year they were considered — but I think as long as "Gazprom" will not hold up under the control of Belarus gas transport system, he will not invest in the development of joint projects. "
Tsigankov: "How do you feel about the post immediately refuted Tipo Belarus Ministry of money considering the premature sale of" Gazprom "50 per cent stake" Beltransgaz "to repay the budget deficit? As for you seems real this development? "Manyanok:" Our homeland is not yet build their own gas pipeline "Nord Stream" — and it is our nominee and Ukrainian pipe — hitherto price Belarusian pipe rather the highest, you can haggle. And now, for it is possible to take more money after what 2010, will be built when the "Nord Stream".
On the other hand, is not so the force majeure situation in Belarus. Privatization has not really started yet enough objects which can be implement the ability to remain verbovaniya external loans.
Because while the Belarusian side for a fast sale "Beltransgaz" would not, in this this year another question does not arise. Maybe — a year or two. Of course, "Gazprom" is interested in a speedy control over the gas transportation system of Belarus. "
Tsigankov: "How deep can Belarus to cooperate with the adjacent countries, because interests in the Russian gas are very similar? Or made some steps, and what is their potential?"
Manyanok: "Belarus is working to emerge ability to diversify oil supplies. While they are not, but they seem to have — for example, oil production in other countries. For example, 3 October, Prime Sidorsky said in Lithuania Belarus ready to take Klaypedkim terminals in the port to transport oil. Yet, but it is only a declaration and today candidacy Russian oil no. "
• newcomer energy policy of the EU and Belarus, 1.10.2007
• "Beltransgaz" has no debt to "Gazprom", 24.09.2007

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