Golden Dream of power — to drive all business on municipal works …

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Man: "Last Teran Europe did not dare to go to the Assembly of the UN, fearing that returning his allies will put handcuffs on him. Although for a lump sum of its surroundings at any moment he clothe them. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "I took the bus now my ID Lukashenka scumbag. I was traveling without a ticket with 2 prostheses in the heart. If he wanted me to pay the fine, I replied: "I’m not working, I do not pay salaries." If the government can not pay us, as it is shown, you can not taxi State pay as men. " He took my license, and I said: "That was on drugs the president and his granddaughter, so she quickly walked with identity itself." Thank you. "
"Yet I wish to say this news. Notify charitable services the West, which can be bogus children instead of Chernobyl children huge bureaucracy. The address will be listed and surname and name. And the child will ride a huge bureaucrat. And whoever Chernobylets himself, he can rot where and rots. Affects deeply this question. Thank you. "
Lady: "This week will be broadcast in the series reported listeners. I wish that Radio Liberty raised the topic of housing problem. Is it possible to build an apartment, placed one meter of housing costs 2 thousand bucks. For example, I have 217 thousand salary and I for two years I can not even build for yourself 2 meter home. Alexander G. couple of times was that prices will decrease, prices will not rise. And they grow like mushrooms after rain. Please. Raise this topic, may, managers and bureaucrats will hear us and do what-nibudt people to get home. Thank you. "
Man: "Heard on" Freedom, "that the newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "fined 25 million rubles plus two million must pay newspaper correspondent Tipo" for insulting the honor and the pros "some bureaucrat from the environment of Lukashenko. Expensive he appreciates his persona. Of ordinary mortal of such compensation can only dream. When our judicial system of another verdict is not expected, since we are not a tribunal and a tiny parody of it. Our so called Tribunal ruled not by laws and orders and decrees, directives and decrees. If we really were independent tribunal, these bureaucrats, headed by Alexander Grigoryevich would remain without pants, paying compensation to our opposition for insulting the honor and advantages, as their media through municipal, Alexander G. appropriated, day and night pours every gryazyuka and none for it does not bear any responsibility. "
Lady: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom! "Your listener so called" reads each other kind words, sincere, do good deeds, and we will win. "Thanks to you, good man. As in Newton’s law of mechanics, so there is some unwritten law of cosmic invisible divine: how do kindness, and you will receive the same amount, and how much heresy, meanness, hypocrisy — also get the same full of fate. This may not be immediately, raznesena on time, on a different manifest quite inconspicuously approach, but must happens. And over vladumayuchyh people thist the law does not pass and do not pass. You can not live on the land given to us by God Belarusian and only take, take and not give it, people who do not appreciate her past, not a true respect, creating human pain. Thank you, "Freedom." Well, maybe a bit for sure … I do not know how to say this exactly, but I assured life being told. All the best to you in the work. "
Man: "What is still strong habit bureaucrat homo sovetikusa assume means in another pocket. It’s about how vykankamavets met with businessmen on strike in Minsk. What did he? Let them be fed, as many would have paid for the lease to the euro would drive to his apartment to "Merce". But no, it is better to be fool’s own office, carrying out orders from above. In general, the golden dream of power to drive all the business in municipal work to pop on later whole world, that effective progressive model came out. Apparently ignorant of economics achmuranyya utopian novels. "

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