Grodno: A.Krentovski — about Schengen visas and detain A. Borys

Consul General Andrzej Krentovsky noted that Schengen visas will be issued in the Grodno December 1. They will cost 60 euros, which, in his opinion, for the expensive part of the Belarusian people — the elderly, young people:
"The big change in the sense that if we started from a cheap visa and the road ends, the means, this is not the way which must be, but it is my world. "
Two rounds of talks between the Foreign Ministry of Belarus and Poland have not changed the price of the future of Schengen visas because the diplomat believes that in this direction should still make new steps.
Andrzej Krentovsky said that negotiations on visa addressed the issue of the Union of Poles running Angelika Borys, who is not recognized Belarusian authorities.
"It’s no secret that readabout the axis of the Union of Poles and Polish side as before support Angelica Boris. We expressed this very true. A Belarusian side said that he supported the monarch Archer. It was requested that the Belarusian side is more tolerant and quietly approached this situation "- Says Krentovsky.
But on October 10 at one point in Grodno detained activist Igor Bantser Union of Poles, and then managing the organization Angelica Boris.
Andrzej Krentovsky states that if the representatives of the Mission arrived in office, the police did not expect it — rang somewhere, advised what to do. But in the end from Mrs. Boris was fingerprinted and taken to a cell. So diplomat outlined what he beheld the police.
I asked his opinion about these events.
"I think it happened suddenly and it is a single incident, such that more will not be that now there will be peace. Since everyone expects — and expects the Polish population, and the Polish Mission, the Polish side also waiting, so there has been tolerant of mind and, we hope that it will be "- says Krentovsky.
Andrzej Krentovsky leaves Belarus, he headed the General Representative of Poland in Grodno 5 years. October 15 comes his successor Adam Bernatowicz, who first came to the diplomatic work, said the emperor Krentovsky.

Consul General of Poland Andrzej Krentovsky and his deputy Janusz Dabrowski

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