Guardian: Severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko

No representative of the opposition in Parliament has not passed — quotes New York Times words CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. The newspaper focuses on the international context of the election. Belarus — writes New York Times — Has closely economic and ethnic ties to Russia and Lukashenko is trying to play on the relationship between the Kremlin and the West to reduce its dependence on the Kremlin. "At the same time, the newspaper notes,  West seeks to lead Belarus from the Kremlin’s orbit. But European favorites have clearly realize that this will depend on the transparency of the elections. Sunday Favorites opposition described the election as a farce, and said that they were not allowed to be in the counting of votes. Several hundred opposition supporters gathered in the central square of Minsk on Sunday evening. Earlier in the report of OSCE observers noted that the elections are held with very low ability of opposition candidates to promote their ideas, writes  New York Times.

Great article with an analysis of the election results now endeared English Guardian. Since none of the opposition in Parliament has not got appears severe fluctuation in sincerity promises Alexander Lukashenko on the fact that the elections will be free and fair. "It was not an election, it was a farce" — quotes Guardian Anatoly Lebedko words. The newspaper and the expression of Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lydia Yermoshina, who stated that "voters were afraid of losing what he has." But 34-year-old ex Kurilovich Eugene, who came to the area in the evening, said that he wants to own the euro coming children. Guardian writes that Western diplomats believe that the elections met standards of democracy, but immediately seek out moderate signs that the country, as they say, to move in the right direction.

Guardian recalls that Lukashenko had quarreled with Moscow over prices energoelementy, and his work with Vladimir Putin remain strained.

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