Guest night air — Anatoly Lebedko

We also will tell about the first meeting of the Council of European integration and presentation of the new album, "HPM" "06."
In "Night studies" is now talking about the female alkagalizme: registered in Belarus 32 thousand ladies alkagalichnuyu unhealthy dependence. Mogilev in our survey utter as, in their opinion, should consume alcohol a person to be considered an alcoholic.
The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Constellation", and "Night Primer" will sound poems poet Antonina Hotenko Minsk.
After 23rd hours — regular review of your messages on the "Freedom" and 23.15 "Journey" Liberty "in shouting at Mogilev and 23:33 in the" expertise "Liberty" discussion on the topic will be the "European march" by the dialogue between authorities and the opposition, and 23:45 record fragments present an online conference with the politician Alyaksandr Milinkevich.
22-hours and the air of "Freedom" and the Web.

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