Guest night air — Party Chairman Hope Lena Eskova

Our guest the night air will be chairman of the liquidated women’s party "Nadzeja" Lena Eskova. We will tell about the current process of "Hope", which was held in Supreme Court Belarus.
People on the streets of Minsk utter seemingly changed, in their opinion, the Belarusian politics, if there were more women.
In "Night of research papers" — the story of the beginning of the campaign to counter forced rassredotachivaniyu graduates of Belarusian universities.
Also in the "Night of Freedom" — in the footsteps of success Belarusian basketball bronze at the European Championship — talking about the fact whether there is a fundamental basketball in Belarus for the country sport.
The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Constellation", a weekly video review sounds Zhbankova Maxim, and "Night Primer" — poems poet Antonina Hotenko Minsk.
After hours 23rd — "Journey" Liberty "in the village Byalaruchy Lahoisk district, and 23:15 in the program" Belarusian Atlyantyda: without barriers "conversation Vyacheslav Rakytskyy of writer Olga Ipatova about Vostravskae agreement, and 23:33 in the" Belorussian abroad " talk about what the experience of living on the west should learn from Belarus and 23:45 overview of your letters to "Freedom."
22-hours and the air of "Freedom" and the Web.

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