Guest on Freedom — Vladimir Orlov

Born in the year of Stalin’s death, he and his studies at the history department of BSU engaged in removing the debris of Stalinism in Belarus. Was no exception and just published a book — "Names of Liberty." Sovereign Orlov hopes: it will help get rid of many historical forgetfulness and those closer to the realization of the dream of creation — known for whole world his essay "Independence — it …" eventually will lose its relevance Belarus.
"My" Names of Freedom "can be perceived catastrophic book. But together with those it shows that those for whom free Belarus was purpose and core values in all times was a lot. A means that Belarus, which we can only dream in the 21st century is bound to become a reality! "
Vladimir Orlov questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via SMS (391-22-24) or email electrical rferl.minsk @ If you notify the Radio Liberty own phone number, revision itself will connect you with the sovereign Orlov.

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