If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Yesterday I was on the sentence gang Morozov. Sergei Morozov and Igor Danchenko, sentenced to death for murder, all carefully scrutinized. May be present wondered really deserve death these people, outside did not look monsters?
Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty has not been abolished, or it is not a moratorium, as in Russia. More than 10 years ago Belarusians voted to retain the death penalty in a referendum. Changed since that time whether to do with this punishment? Think that the people on the streets of Minsk?
"I am against, as we a democratic country. If the globally concluded that the death penalty — it is very aggressive, and we will have to cancel it. Instead it is necessary to use the indefinite sentence. "
"I believe that if a person deserves their own affairs such punishment, then let be it. And it is easier — no need to suffer, and the state should not be a lifetime."
According to official statistics, from 1997 year to perdition convicted 161 people. If the tribunal sentenced a man to death and his appeal against the verdict were not satisfied, can only save the life of the president — the law only he was given authority to grant clemency. But during President Alexander Lukashenko only one known case, when he pardoned convict on death. Not once Alexander Lukashenko publicly stated that Belarus "Not ready to abolish the death penalty."

Today 129 countries in the world have abolished the death penalty in law or in practice absolutely refused 89 death sentences, 10 penalty saved only for war crimes, 30 have introduced a moratorium on the execution of sentences.

Meanwhile opponents of the death penalty they say about the likelihood of a miscarriage of justice, because that can take the life of an innocent. Thus, in the 1970s for the atrocities of the past century Vitebsk maniac Mikhasevich really executed an innocent man. Here and in the gang Morozov was the episode when convicted for the murder of the innocent.
Human rights activist Tatyana Protko on the side of those who says, to get rid of the risk of punishing innocent of the death penalty is an urgent need to abandon. Tatiana also Protko says the losses that this procedure applies to police officers:
"Those people who make judgments, already abnormal mental level. Fact that neither the states and must to be murderers. "
The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office refused to express my personal attitude to the death penalty. "We are doers laws. Better refer to the deputies, they also pass laws," — said the employee.
Several deputies, to which I applied, also chose to remain silent. But the deputy said, owed his solidarity in this issue with the Democrats. He personally against the death penalty because he believes human life is the main value:
"To this society still need to walk, there’s nothing you have not yet done. But in the long term, of course, the death penalty to be undone."
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