If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Chairman of the House Committee Alexander Arkhipov expressed such a world:
"If society has matured, and most of the referendum would have acted for the abolition of the death penalty, no questions would not be. Society came up with a different position. Maybe time will be a moratorium. Discussions are and this opportunity."
In Belarus, the last 10 years on death convicted 161 people, only the 1st of their president pardoned.
Oleg Alkaev from 1996 until 2001 he was chief of the detention center at Volodarka. Specifically, his subordinates were doing the death penalty, and he became acquainted with all the "firing" cases.
Then in Belarus, says Alcala, once a year made up of forty death penalty. He says that there is always a sense of injustice or hesitation:
"In my practice was Such is the caseWhen killed a policeman in killing four people participated. 1st sentenced to the death penalty, three were given various terms of imprisonment.
So mum on who was sentenced to the death penalty, sought no order to offspring pardoned, and so that those 3 also sentenced to death. If at this time to weigh all, I am for the abolition of the death penalty. "

Slawomir Antonovich: "I do not support those vibrations that make many countries, so only start Council of Europe."

Writer and journalist Slawomir Antonovich worked for many years in Supreme Court, Prosecutor of the Republic, he is the creator of several documentary books. One of the latest — "Life is the law," an criminal casesah, which were sentenced to death:
"I do not support those vibrations that make many countries, so only join the Council of Europe. Now people who commit such horrible murder, rape, you can not leave your life to get better, they cost the country and lived.
So you looked at these people — and I beheld 70 bombers, which were brought to the Supreme Tribunal — can not forgive them, they mocked the people selected the most precious — life, not one. I am opposed to the abolition of the death penalty. "
Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty has not been abolished and is not a moratorium, as in Russia.
Alexander Arkhipov convinced that we need a gradual transition to a replacement of the death penalty:
"Have the new legislation, the candidacy of the death penalty — indefinite detention. This kind of punishment as such will simply disappear. Four or five people a year now sentenced to the death penalty. At three to four times more for the crimes for which the death penalty was previously, sentenced to indefinite detention. go slowly, step by step. "

Oleg Alkaev: "If this code is not" firing squad ", then we can assume that this issue has been resolved."

Head past the detention center Oleg Alkaev convinced it must not go by the moratorium on the death penalty, on the substitution of indefinite detention, and radically change the criminal law:
"Now, if the Code is not this" firing squad ", then we can assume that this question resolved. In the meantime, in the Criminal Code is, in spite of all the moratorium, this sword of Damocles is hanging over all. "
• Q: Amnesty International: "Belarus — the sole executioner", 10.10.2007 • Digital V. a day or 161 people, 10.10.2007

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