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First of all foreign private enterprises (with Israeli capital) produced per plant protection — herbicide "Flurry", but it was planned to create 5 more kinds of drugs. At the same time, the establishment is placed next to the river Yaselda Rybhoz "Selec" and recreation of urban residents — an artificial reservoir. "Squall" produced in a converted boiler vetsanutsilzavodu and waste merged into the city sewer. Knows one of the organizers of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich:
"There is no concrete answer on what basis the company disguised as the local administration does not fully inform the public. Some they say — there are shortages of raw materials, other — in order to re-inspection was over hazard. Signatures that were collected, aimed at different ministries. Certainly not see such opposition society local authority could not. "
Raw "Frandesa" bought in China. In This year released 420 thousand liters. herbicide. Version control plant, seasonal work at the enterprise, will resume in the spring. As "Frandesa" environmentally terrible, I tried to learn the Brest Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection:

"" Continue to collect signatures, and as long as people do not obey. "

"Indeed, the company suspended work. We have not yet submitted documents on environmental protection. We are awaiting the results of examinations. What is more, while I can not say, as the documents have not yet received."
And the inhabitants of the Birches, Belozyorsk stay unwilling says local activist, editor of "Birch broom" Tamara Shchepetkin:
"We have three thousand signatures against the" Frandesy. "Not afraid of people to protest. Not I lifted society, and people are turned to me:" Help us. "It is impossible that in such a densely populated Fri enterprise was such harmful. We sent an appeal almost all ministries, departments and to the president. Go answers that say, "OK, you made happy in general." continue to collect signatures, and as long as people do not obey. "
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