In Dushanbe ended summit of the CSTO and EurAsEC

The leaders of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan signed a package of documents relating to the legal framework of the Customs Union. Later he was able to join other members of the Eurasian Economic Community — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. At the summit approved a plan of action in the formation of the Customs Union by 2010.
Political scientist Andrei Fedorov Pronunciation:
"In practice, that a single economic space, only Ukraine with its excluded. Fact, how it will be done? In addition, we have a conflict with Russia on a range of duties. Because I knew the experience of previous such agreements, fear that the same fate awaits it. "
Political scientist Vital Silitski Pronunciation:
"How long have these free trade agreements and other signed! Impact Russian post-Soviet space provided energoelementami, pipelines and in-2, every contract."
Created Eurasian analogue NATO center in Moscow?
During the second half of a day or summit held seven member countries of the Organization of the Collective Security contract. In the midst of the rest of creation was discussed within the organization peacekeeping contingent. Area of its activities may be no matter what burning point.
CSTO countries dubbed unsafe sample solution of frozen conflicts by force.
Yesterday, members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Our homeland, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) signed a protocol of cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. According to analysts disk imaging, it lays the framework of creation of the Eurasian NATO counterpart from Belarus to China with its center in Moscow.
Political analyst Vitaly Silitski considers:
"The ambition to make something like an anti-NATO in Shanghai has always been. CSTO in Shanghai not only includes Armenia and Belarus. Including them not enough that adds.
It practically tactical organization partnership Russian and China to limit the impact of the latest Western least in Central Asia.
One of the areas of cooperation in the framework of Shanghai — this exchange of information and delivery people who are prosecuted in another country. According to the Shanghai band very many Uzbek dissidents were issued from Russia. "
Bilateral meetings at Lukashenka was not
According to managing the presidential press service Paul Light, in Dushanbe Alexander Lukashenko had bilateral talks:
"No bilateral meetings there was either yesterday or today. We anyhow plans no bilateral meetings was not."
CIS summit in St. Petersburg Alexander Lukashenko spoke out against the former chairman of the CEC mission RF Veshnjakova as executive secretary of the CIS. Now he agreed with the proposal on the Russian side to appoint a former director of the Intelligence Service of the outer Minister Sergei Lebedev.
In the end, the new Executive Secretary of the CIS was now appointed another representative of, the last prime» Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.
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