In Europe — means Pyatkevich and Saakashvili?

Drakakhrust: "This week, the highest representatives of the Euro Union have determined the answers to a united Europe offers the official Minsk. Recall that a conference on the European Neighbourhood Policy, which was held in Brussels on September first, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky once again said that Belarus ready for the broadest possible cooperation with Europe in such fundamental for both areas of energy and the fight against illegal migration, also called on foreign investors to invest in Belarus.
But this week, the European commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that Belarus did virtually nothing to implement the 12 recognized criterion of improving relations formulated by the European Union last year. She said that a few small steps made Minsk: prematurely freed Paul Sevyarinets Statkevich and agreed to open consulates in Belarus, the European Commission, the same small steps were prepared in response — meeting professionals energabyaspetsy invitation sovereign Voronetsky a conference in Brussels. But the August wave of repression against political activists led to action by the European Union.
More conceptually expressed on this score the highest representative of the Union on issues of foreign policy chief Javier Solana, in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper "The Mirror of the week." He said that "energy security trevozhut us all, but the situation in Belarus, unfortunately, does not give us the ability to cooperate with it in this field." Position formulated aggressively Thus, energy — an important question, yes, there is Russian pressure, but even on this issue will not be dialogue until certain changes occur in Belarus.
Then there are two questions at once. In 1-x, so why persist Minsk, why is not willing to make even a gesture of good will? It is said that the minute he bring liberalization regime. But significant progress in comparison with the current situation would be a return to 2000, when the situation was more relaxed, but no one stormed the presidential palace did not take.
And the second question is why the European Union, contrary to expectations, the official Minsk and, incidentally, the expectations of Moscow, remains faithful to the principles, why does not cooperate on energy security not only in Belarus, and it its energy? Vyacheslav Pozniak, word for you. "
Pozniak: "As the official Minsk, he kept the same strategy. And the essence of it was that nowhere West, namely the European Union, do not go anywhere, and with Minsk still have to deal with because of its declared interests. Believe that until all external causes and, namely, the pressure of the energy factor is not changed this former line Minsk: the West will be obliged to accept the conditions of Belarus.

V.Paznyak: "The essence of the strategy of the official Minsk is nowhere that the West and the European Union that is not going anywhere."

But this is not happening. We look fundamentally the position of the European Commission, the European Union, and this position does not change even under the influence of concern, which is generated from the dependence of the Union supplies energoelementov. At the same time it must be emphasized that the role of Belarus in Europe’s energy security is not as great as it would seem, and I would like the official Minsk. "
Drakakhrust: "Yuri Khadika, and what is your answer to the question — why the parties behave in Makar. Vyacheslav, in my opinion, aptly described this situation as a war of nerves: Minsk believes that Europe is not going anywhere, and Europe — that Minsk nowhere not going anywhere. So who first give up? "

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