In return Crimea Russian naval missile-carrying aircraft

In return Crimea Russian naval missile-carrying aircraft

Airbase in Guards (Crimea) in 2016 receive-carrier carrying Marine Regiment (MRAP), armed with far Tu-22M3 bombers, Interfax-AVN reported with reference to the Russian military department

«We hope that in two years at the airbase in Guards again be based missile-carrying regiment on the Tu-22M3» — said the official.

He explained that the Ministry of Defense does not put himself ahead of the recovery puzzle all aerodromes which were located in the Russian missile while the Black Sea Fleet Air Force, namely, in a joyful and October.

«There will be a necessary and sufficient sea submarines. The need for them in the southern direction was always, but particularly at the moment appeared favorable conditions for their return to the Crimea, which was previously called the «unsinkable aircraft carrier» — noted.

According to him, before taking new machines airbase in Guards in Kutch and significantly upgrade its infrastructure. Here will come refreshed and refurbished aircraft and helicopters, including the Su-27, Tu-142 anti-IL-38 and, as the Ka-27 and Ka-29.

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