Ira Kazulina: The websites I am impressed comments — many insults …

Ulitenok: "Ira, in regard to your public on weekly editorship Radio Liberty — how newspapers, websites, TV channels you prefer at the moment? "
Kozulin: "Every day I read the websites of Liberty, UCP Charter. Among the newspapers get"The People’s Will""Our cornfield"" Bel "lifetime subscribe" Komsomolskaya Pravda "…
Ulitenok: "Maybe you have a beloved journalists?"
Kozulin: "To tell the truth, the beloved ones with which we are writing articles and interviews with my husband, Alexander …"
Ulitenok: "The law on mass media will" update "that, namely, concerns the web. And that would change the law in a new you, that was such an opportunity?"
Kozulin: "The only thing — it has settled to what I really I do not like: commentary on websites. From time to time people come there by accident or not only in order to quarrel or offend each other — that’s what I totally do not like. "

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