Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European March

Viktor Ivashkevich in Police Pershamaiski district. Yesterday he pointed own day of birth in the cafe "El Tomato." If a company of 6 people out on the porch, they were approached by riot police and claimed to show their passports.
Says one of the witnesses Valentine Svyatskaya:
"When we asked why the passport, we were told:" verification of identity. " After, as we showed documents Ivashkevich Ukhnalev asked to go to a bus that was standing a few meters from the entrance to the cafe. Ivashkevich with gifts and took a knapsack on the bus. "
Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Euro march Ivashkevich and chairman of the organizing committee for the Public march Valeria Ukhnalev initially taken to the police Pershamajski district, and thence to the sobering-up station. There decided, that they would be released. But only released Valeria Ukhnalev.
He said, "Radio Liberty" sobering-up stations in their videotaped.
"We brought in a sobering-up station, and immediately began recording. Says let’s make a physical examination, undress. We refused, would have shown on TV, etc. Show my bucks on one, they spread out on the table: one three bucks and 5 bucks. I think it was important. "
We found a few Ivashkevich leaflets with symbols of the "European march". This became the basis for a protocol for distributing leaflets calling to participate in an unsanctioned rally.
This administrative report will now consider Pervomaisky District Court. Companions Ivashkevich not exclude that there may be regular and the administrative record, as it was in the affairs of other detainees. As the latest example — the latest arrests, when people were brought in from the bullpen and the tribunal gave a new term in jail for that convicted Tipo and stumbled in the hallway with all this neprelichno expressed.
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said "Freedom":
"As for charges, they are ridiculous. People were sitting in a cafe, a day celebrated nedavneshny birth Ivashkevich did it culturally. A detained them when they came out on the porch. While delaying their whole bus commandos. I see this everyday scheme of political arrests. "

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