Liberty Poll: go to the European March?

Guy: "Yeah, I heard about the" European march. "It will begin on October 14 at 14.00 at October Square. Going to go. "
Man: "I heard about the" European march ". Think I’ll go. "
Woman: "Have not heard anything."
Man: "My friend read something. Maybe we went there and, on "European march".
Guy: "I beheld ads on poles."
Reporter: "And they themselves are going there?"
Guy: "No. I do not participate in such actions, do not listen to these ads."
Lady: "Surely, this march for Belarus to join the EU? Yeah, I heard. Unfortunately, I will not be in Minsk, and on the other would have joined."
Woman: "Something heard that youth is going, and requested that the European statesah could to travel without visas. "
Man: "I heard that" European march "will pass through the republic, just do not remember, on the great escape or will."
Guy: "I just heard that it will, but do not know when."
Reporter: "But want to find out?"
Guy: "Yeah, I’m curious."
Woman: "We were handing out ballots yesterday" What do European Alliance Belarus . "
Lady: "I heard that the march — for Belarus’ accession to the EU."
Reporter: "Are you going to join?"
Lady: "No, it’s creepy. Our country is unsafe. Only horror does not allow."
Reporter: "But the march is allowed."
Lady: "Approved? Then let’s go. "
Woman: "For it can be expelled from school."
Guy: "You must certainly go to support the" European march ".
Man: "I think yesterday was the news on the website, that it allowed. Unfortunately, I have no time, I work a lot. "
Guy: "I have heard that some people come from Europe to participate in a march about Chernobyl."
Woman: "European march of freedom?"
Guy: "We are not going to go there, since we did not active fighters for independence. We are already on this score. We realized that it was stupid to fight."
Man: "Yes, we heard about the march. Economic institute We forbade go there."
Guy "We know that it is allowed. Warned But not to have unnecessary troubles, do not go there."
Reporter: "And do not go?"
Guy: "We will build."
Man: "I do not think that we have a force that would be able to defeat the regime."
Guy: "I’m against Belarus’ joining the European Alliance. I believe that Belarus it will be bad. "

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