Martyrology of Liberty: Flegont Volinets

Volinets Flegont (27.12.1878 (01.08.1879) Vileika — 27/11/1937, Solovki, the NKVD), sociopolitical. activist, writer, teacher. In 1900 graduated from training courses at national teachers Švenčionys national school. A teacher at Vilenschina. Over watered. deprived of the right to teach unreliability. Worked as an insurance agent. In 1916-17 he served in the military Minsk. With the letter. 1917 Mayor Vileika with the chairman of the City Council in February 1918, during the time of German occupation of the town residents elected steward. In 1920 more than once arrested by the Polish authorities. From 1926 to BSRG with snezh. 1927 member of the Head of the Company Belarusian schools. Together with Senator A.Ulasavym G.Shirmy and participated in the district and district offices TBSH. In 1928 and in 1930 was elected deputy of the Polish Sejm. One of the managers of the revolutionary organization "Fight." After the dissolution of the Diet 08.30.1930 arrested; IPPC member since 1932. 09/15/1932 eventually exchange watered. prisoners moved to Minsk. Worked in the Commissariat of Public Utilities of the BSSR. 31/08/1933 Arrested in "the center of the Belarusian State." 09/01/1934 College GPU BSSR sentenced to death, commuted to 10 years imprisonment. Exiled to Solovki. 10/09/1937 Special "troika" of the NKVD of the Leningrad region. sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in both sentences 16/08/1956. Lit.: EGB, T. 2.
On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.
Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of "Freedom" we remember one name, remembers one life, tells of one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.
Lists of victims — the website — are available through the website

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