Mogilev activists are suing the police

Plaintiffs demand that the police publicly apologized to pay two million rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and announced a verdict before the staff of servants avtainspektsyi State.
The reason for the court was the phrase uttered police during the trial on April 6 2007. Then they said that the activists threatened them with physical repossession. "If the government is replaced, police will hang on poles" — a phrase recorded in the court record.
In court, the police confirmed that this phrase sounded, but directly from the plaintiffs who said it, they can not tell. What activists had read in the car, they do not remember exactly but remember this phrase. In general, according to police, the activists acted correctly, but were excited.
At the hearing the police did not recognize the claim of activists.
Senior Inspector of Legal Support Tatiana Martynov named plaintiffs’ claims unfounded. In her opinion, the phrase sounded in no way focused on insulting activists. So the police drawing attention to the real action.
Public activists Reson with police disagreed.
Now Valentine Lopatin referee must announce the verdict.
In April 2007 public activists already tried by the tribunal accuse militsyyanitav in an attempt to scuttle a trip to the founding conference of the Union of the Left parties in Belarus.
April 10 Svetlana referee Burak activists claim to be unfounded.
• Mogilev tribunal dismissed claims activists to police, 10.04.2007

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