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According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:
Online conference with Vladimir Orlov 25.09.2007
Viktor Lukashenko gather around young bureaucrats? 28.09.2007
Klaskouski: Vika Moroz second with my daughter did not make 26.09.2007
Graffiti on the streets of Novopolotsk 22.09.2007
U.Pehtserav: Declaration of Belarusian now have all the customs 24.09.2007
Olga Klaskouski: "We wish to take out in Belarus and make it a show trial" 27.09.2007
"Dozhinki": after effects prazdnichkom 24.09.2007
Kondrusiewicz celebrated the first Mass (Photo Gallery) 27.09.2007
WiFi in Minsk until free 28.09.2007
Who’s who stole 6-year-old Miroslava? 26.09.2007

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