My will — not to play more in this game

Yazhevich: "This is my personal decision, and I was very surprised that fell calls — first from the election commission later headmistress beginning May threaten me all probable trouble, unless I do not take part in elections, and in 19 hours called chairman of the district education department and said that if "no" means doskorogo goodbye. "
Tikhanovich: "They threatened that deprive you of?"
Yazhevich: "I realized this so especially because earlier I was three years without a job — jobs were in our schools working people without a college education, and I have a higher education did not take a job just because I Belarusian-language."
Tikhanovich: "And why did you decide not to take part in elections? What you have proven such a position?"
Yazhevich: "The fact that life every year more and worse — prices grow, wages remain small. I previous year salary was 350 thousand, though I worked 6 days at full load."
Tikhanovich: "What subject do you teach?"
Yazhevich: "I am a teacher of German language teaching and physical culture."
Tikhanovich: "And do you realize who stands in your district, and whether there is a choice?"
Yazhevich: I know that in my constituency are running two candidates, I watched their interview on television. I have a Ph.D., which I sympathize. But if everyone has the right to free expression, my will was — did not play more in this game, since I’m still a loser. So I decided not to go, and I wonder why there was such a full pressure. "

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