Nicholas went audiobook Yermolovich

Among scientists, educators and democratic society Nikolay Ermolovich known as an outstanding historian. He owns a serious effort to study the history of the old Belarus, which znyapravzhvae many official dogmas. But avdyevydanni Mikola Ermolovich ceases in a new form, reads one of the publishers Franak Vyachorka:
"In this book are collected known and unknown texts Nicholas Yermolovich. Unfortunately, he was already dead, but the feeling that predicted what we have now in Belarus: the complete humiliation and destruction of the entire state is not Belarusian forces. Also disclosed a method for dealing with this . "
Nicholas Yermolovich edition book "Old Belarus" in the late 1980s and became an emergency event affected the outlook of hundreds of people. Not the least memory and be able to do the audiobook philosopher and writer Nicholas Yermolovich convinced director Valery Mazynsky:
"He wrote what dared not, in my opinion, none of our poets. Truthfully He wrote about that time, and for me it was a great discovery. We say that dissidents had no. Here it was an absolute dissident" .
In avdyeknize Nicholas Yermolovich Valery Mazynsky 7:00 recites text creator.
As said Frank Vecherko, in a series of "Sound book in Belarusian" came as poetry Maxim Bogdanovich prepared to publish the classics of Belarusian and foreign literature:
"Audiobooks, translations into Byelorussian movies and more we invest in the concept neaadrazhennya. What happened first-1990s, all people need now. Specifically Culture on my eyes, able to change our reality. Also awaken society to some change. "

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