Night Siege — October 8, 2007

Readers’Nasha Niva"Leave your feedback on the information about the incident in Kurapaty — there was broken cross "sufferers of Belarus." Here are a few comments:
"Shame! What makescamping, so it is impossible! But finding those responsible is not necessary, because we are very well know whose hands this case … "
"By my views, these crooks was all the same, that break — if only "famous." Sadly, all this on a small level of culture. "
"Everything can be even easier, judging by the pictures: cross fell myself because rotten. In particular, if there was not dug, and kept on the steel prantah. And every tree was the cross? Certainly not the same oak … By the way, in the old days when every farm we put crosses and where livestock is not got hands, and they are up to date … "
"Yes, everything is clear. It’s necessary to watch, at least for the weekend, so that men just 5-6 people walking and guarded sanctuary. Even now there practically every weekend n» Yankees and fights conscious local population. It’s a shame in-1’s to us. "
A website Charter’97 guests discuss the meeting applicants Euro Marsha with Minsk authorities, which is seen as a likely government dialogue with the opposition.
"Dialogue — always excellent, though the results will be disastrous. Utter: Bangalore we offered them, they refused and got it on the skull with a truncheon commandos. Belarusian authorities Then Europe utter such opposition is unable to negotiate. Actually, of course, this event. .. "
"Yes, all of this is unclear. Stalling or power — to discuss the route. Discuss what wheels in Bangalore and later announce insubordination …"
The forums portal discussions are article from the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" "The owners of expensive mansions check income tax return" National Audit Office wants to find where Belarusians appeared gorgeous houses that build in one season. Comments forum participants:
"Yes year, those who live in these houses, all caught up in organs such fear that the tax is trivial to communicate with them. Another explanation that tax shake only personal and business-rabataev shabashniks, I do not find."
"With such means nobody will not touch — so for ordinary people to shout yes checking and build something for yourself. All this for show."
"I have not figured out why only the hosts will sharstsits expensive mansions. Currently, it is necessary that everyone who gets home, was full declaration of income. Khrushchev Then the price tag on a new home and will be completely real."
The web site has information Grodno blog that employees Belarusian OVIRov not expect cancellation stamp for traveling abroad from January 1, 2008 and from time to time offer to citizens to make a new stamp for another 5 years. Meanwhile, according to the decision of the Constitutional Court, the stamp still have to cancel with the next year. Comment 1st guest website:
"I do not understand the essence — when the Constitutional Court decided to abolish, precisely — canceled the permit stamp, and Minister of the Interior announced its abolition on January 1, 2008, so that — in OVIRov and guards their orders? So who takes the decision? Or Local Police Department confirmed the removal of 30 or 31 January, and before that can quietly collect funds? "
Policies Mikhalevich your own blog knows funny story from the life of the party: "At the weekend collected asset in one of the regional centers. Since ordinary room zarandavats unreal, removed cottage room, sauna and pool. One of the organizers came with his son because he did not whom quit. Grandmother Man (mother-in-law of the organizer) calls and asks if everything is fine. And that, "Grandma, it’s so great here adult aunts and pool." In the tube rather short beeps were heard. "

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