No sound equipment scenario Euro march may change

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Ivashkevich not given sound equipment.
Responsible for ideological work bureaucrat Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka was recommended that he visited Minsk wireless, so there he was given a bus with sound-amplifying equipment on October 14. But there uttered that all buses will be busy at fairs.
Says Victor Ivashkevich:
"It is surprising that in the Minsk City Executive Committee shall be removed to ensure sound-amplifying equipment meeting that they themselves allowed. We make an effort and find their sound-amplifying equipment and pinning hopes authorities not will do subsequent provocation: disconnect power during the meeting or, in general, to delay our equipment and keep it a fortnight, as it has been previously.
If the organizers will not be the ability to manage through gukavzmatsnenne rally, then the people who will gather, go to another place where they would be more fun. "
For "European march" will follow the ambassadors of the European Union and the United States. MEPs planned visits to Minsk. They appealed for Belarusian visa and tomorrow, October 12, it becomes clear all got them.
Says Alexander Milinkevich:
"Invited MEPs, who are interested in the situation in Belarus. Fairly large group of people. MPs also adjacent Lithuania and Poland. Deputies wished to come from the Czech Republic and Germany. Unfortunately, on this day we do not know whether all received Belarusian visa. We look hope that all will come. In addition, Followers invited Russian democratic movement. "
As the authorities decided not to promote an opposition campaign, Organizing Committee Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich go to the entrance of the plant and educational institutions, so that people copy porazdavat Mingorispolkom permission to conduct "Euro march" on October 14.
Exclusively in Minsk for dissemination of information materials and European symbolism behind bars were about 10 ka youth activists of the democratic movement. Among them Alexander Atroschankau, Leonid Novitsky, Dmitry Barodka Eugene Afnahel and others.
In some schools students claimed to subscribe to the obligations not to engage in action on October 14. SWAT police patrols in uniform and in civilian detain young people on the streets and inspecting their belongings. Stickers and European symbols take, and young people are released without being drawn up.
October 10, the police come to the apartments of young activists. They are interested in the parents where their kids are and whether they will go to the "European march".
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