O.Kozulina: We demand compensation for non-pecuniary damage — 2 million euros

The presentation of the book about his father came Olga Kozulin after, visited the Consulate Office in Belarus. There she gave a complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights.
"We talking about, that in the beginning it was a politically motivated decision, based on which my father planted on 5 and a half years. We demand that the UN Committee on the Rights of persons during an emergency procedure saw this complaint. We demand that it immediately released. And the third — we require to fill non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 2 million euros, "- said Olga Kozulin.
• Olga Kazulina fired from his job, 28.09.2007 • "All berries are pierced with a knife, pies and cakes cut into pieces …", 16.07.2007

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