Olga Klaskouski: We wish to take out in Belarus and make it a show trial

Klaskouski: "Two years reversed my daughter and I got in Poland Miroslaw political refugee status, and 10 months later, Miroslav was stolen from the territory of Ukraine and my ex-spouse still unknown persons. Child was exported across the border without any documents, without a passport, and without my permission to travel abroad. After 10 months, I do not have any contact with the child, and this time in Minsk against me has passed a number of cases in court, I was deprived of custody of her daughter. After a while my mom was able to find a daughter in Minsk and send it to me in. We traveled to Warsaw (quite dramatic journey was because we were arrested on the border of Russia and Latvia Russian secret services, the FSB, more than a day we were kept in "abyazyanniku" knocked out of me to testify that I work for the Polish intelligence service). Today the situation is such. Belarusian Ministry of Justice (documents also signed my ex-husband) sent a request to the Polish courts with the requirement to give Miroslav Belarusian side. Again I remind you that the child almost two years has political refugee status, in other words is protected under the Geneva Convention. In the formulation of the Belarusian side noted that the child be returned to roil specifically Belarus. NOT the father, not the homeland, so to speak — namely, the state. To me, saying that it is a political revenge, a show trial with a view to the public to punish us, so that other opposition show their place when they are "betraying the regime." This is not the first case when the opposition under pressure through the kids, quite recall process with opposition activist Christine Shatsikava. And one of their goal — to neutralize the politically active diaspora in Poland. "
Znatkevich: "You are now at a press conference in Warsaw this case compared with the case of Vicky Frost. But there is a difference — Vika Moroz orphan, but here, thank God, and my mother is, and father. Father Vitaly N., whom you have been married for more than 2 years, denies that the case has political implications:
N.: "Here is completely nothing to do with politics. Essentially, I previously shared ideas BPF well and currently remain in these positions. But in this case does not concern one another, realize? She makes me, I do not know, almost not KGB agents, Lukashenka’s servant.
Politicians are generally not! On what she hopes? I am at the moment, through the Ministry of Justice try to return the baby. And in this situation, perhaps her only chance — pryplestsi policy here. Since all of the court’s decision on my side. "(It interview here.)
Znatkevich: "How would you comment on the words of your former spouse?"
Klaskouski: "Thank you very much for this comment, which I heard. During 1-x, will correct that not two years, and four (it is officially recorded in the securities of the Belarusian court), we lived together. Fact that when we emigrated from Miroslava two years back, my father no claims before» declared. Neither I nor daughter. You do realize that you skip over the Belarusian-Polish border and get to Warsaw without her father’s permission, we are in no way a four year old daughter is not could. Means it was a desire to volunteer father, that if to call a spade a spade — "you go on all four sides." Question two years, we in exile, why specifically at the moment this question arose such a frenzied love? Where was father before? Or love is, or is not. Why only two this year so Makarov, it is very constructive ways? That is very clear to me. In-2, from the beginning of life with Vitali I knew that ethe man cooperates with Belarusian security services, and one of the reasons and circumstances why I filed for divorce — because he forced me to to pass information about the members of "Young Front" and his own colleagues in the "People’s Will". This is the second time. B-3, the daughter calls dad not differently as "the last pope," it does not take this man. During our life time it was solid physical, mental or other disposition izymatelstvam. I just do not want to at the moment … "
Znatkevich: "In other words, parental feelings on his part you completely exclude?"
Klaskouski: "You know, based on the belief if logic to analyze why people kept silent for two years, if it — the feelings of parents, why no contact, why, taking into account that from Minsk to Warsaw 500 miles, people just never came not visited and not ordinarily brought sweets for my daughter, why exactly two years later, these feelings suddenly "fell"?
Znatkevich: "Olga, I wanted to clarify, first you have said that her daughter had been abducted from the territory of Ukraine. It was a real kidnapping, or you met there with a spouse, you did not ask permission to meet a daughter, or somehow it came out on the street, and he took it without your permission? "
Klaskouski: "I am convinced that this is a steal. Initially, we planned to meet with Miroslava just dad, and again, I blame myself for their feelings of pity. Happened sorry man and he wished that he finally saw her daughter. After almost a year no contact with the child was not. Again same vorachivayas to these emotions, it is unacceptable for me it’s all open a discussion. When we met on the territory of Ukraine, there was such an agreement that will Miroslav certain time with my dad, and after a while return to Warsaw. But soon, very at one point, a child with the Ukrainian countryside just disappeared. I’ve lost contact with the child, and the former spouse. Much time had no disk imaging. Later, of course, I turned to the Polish law enforcement agencies to police, prosecutors, they began to pursue the case. And only in September, I have found that Miroslav already in Minsk. Obviously I do not understand what can be charged, if at the time the child was under the protection of the Geneva Convention, a Polish passport, and one of reasons why we left from Belarus — it was specifically in relation to pressure me by my daughter. You understand what I was feeling, and in general, in which I was able to when I took out Miroslav specifically because of this pressure, and after found that it mysteriously appeared in the place where it should not be. "
Znatkevich: "And the last question: by the time you agreed with her husband about the meeting in Ukraine, it is completely no interest in the fate of his daughter, much as you settled in Warsaw?"
Klaskouski: "I think the answer is very simple. Taking into account that a person has much much free time, and if he declares a love for his daughter — just over this time period could trivial to come to Warsaw, which was not was manufactured. For 10 months no full contact. And if at the moment, all these things started, to be honest, it would be funny if it were not so insulting. I am convinced that this is just a doll in the hands of the regime, because during his stay in Minsk Miroslava series of trials were held against me. In-2, with the immense pressure faced my family, my mother. If the people of the organs of the KGB called her and openly, expressly states that your daughter Olga cooperates with Polish intelligence, with the Polish secret services, and for all that her daughter is in Minsk please do not forget about it. All these things, of course, provide a basis to judge whether it is — a political action planned against me, my family in order to take us out in Belarus and make it a show trial. "
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