On the inscription stone Kurapaty Victims of Stalinism

In 1989 the stone was installed plate, on which was written, in accordance with the Council of Ministers in this woodland will be built a monument to victims of repression.

This plate in 2005 stolen stone unknown vandals. Members of the public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression in This year sign and returned last weekend installed it on the back of the stone. And ahead vyshybli word "Victims of Stalinism."

At the foundation stone now applied and images of saints. The implication is that your initiative did painter Anatoly Kuznetsov. He painted images of saints and other Kurapaty stones.
• Kurapaty: broke the main cross, which once brought in the tract on the structure of the KGB (Slide-report), 8.10.2007 • A. Marachkin restored chapel in Kurapaty Forest, 5.10.2007

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