Opposition will have to adjust its political niche

Drakakhrust: "This is the fourth time the October Square in Minsk area becomes demanstravannya after the vote — the 2000 presidential election, referendum and parliamentary elections in 2004, presidential, 2006, when the area became for some space with large bukovkoy, and eventually the current day. Your prediction — will be like the current area?. "


Tsigankov: "I think nowshnyaya area will not be like the past — less than the rate faced by people who came to the square. This is not a presidential election, when it seems that the fate of the country. Now we we see, that little people have come, it is unlikely they will be 10’s of thousands.  There is no unity in the opposition itself — whether to go to the area than this action should be. Greater optimism here show youth structures who wish to express their own protest against the existing regime in spite of any political scene. They just express their moral stance".


Drakakhrust: "Lukashenko is now at a polling station, said: "Life is short-lived opposition today, it remained almost, maybe a few months or years." And what Ins opposition sees prospects after these elections?"

Tsigankov: "Here there are two options, and very nearly all depends on will be skipped at least some opposition in the House of Representatives. If so, they unwittingly become the center of attraction and attention of the press and diplomats, and society, as it was with a group of "Republic" in 2003. Can not say that it was very brightest policy, but almost all of them around then spun in political life.

Imagine that deputies will be Mikhalevich, expelled from the BNF. His supporters, and they are almost half the Front ask — so who is in our favorite games?

If none passed, it also affects but little differently.
Then almost everything will depend on what will be the case of the official Minsk with the West, or will improve things is acceptable, or whether to continue the thaw at the moment and will be completed.

We have heard from the opposition resentment Western partners, who are said to live our deputy BPF Ivashkevich bezotstupno recommend opposition to participate in elections. In the case of improving relations with the West Minsk opposition will have to adjust their political niche.  

Incidentally, I did not quite believe in the version that should have been some individual configuration leadership that, say, you need to change the top of the entire opposition. But hunting ask — where is the wave of young cadres in batches, which zahlynuts old footage that will change them. No such pressure does not happen, unfortunately, there is no inflow of new people who would want to bring new people into management. In any case —  ahead of newcomer campaign — presidential  — and all subsequent acts of opposition, reformatting it, many of which they say will occur even with future presidential campaign. "

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