OSCE election did not meet standards

Your rating yesterday’s elections. Discussion on the loose

Z.Paznyaka: "Blind artists stupid instructions Europe"
Elections to the Chamber did not take place. Election farce regime abdurvanni people absolutely failed. That in spite of all the trivial failure, the Central Election Commission announced that Tipo 75 percent of voters voted, testifies frank and sassy usurpation of power in Belarus
Guardian: "The severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko"
Western media comment the results of elections in Belarus.

Human rights activists and election results
Commissions, the opacity of their work, forcing a premature voting closed on seeing during the count — it’s all for the views of human rights defenders, did not meet OSCE Copenhagen Document, and even the Belarusian legislation.
Regional favorite comment election results
Now opposition politicians in the regions discussions are the results of elections to the House of Representatives. At these meetings were invited observers from the OSCE. Also open a discussion texts complaints to the CEC of numerous violations of the Electoral Code.
"My will — not to play more in this game"
Recently the elections we offered our students to become public and Liberty correspondents report on the details of the electoral process, which do not comply with the law. September 28 evening we were contacted by a teacher from the village Krasnopole Rosson district Ales Yazhevich who told what led to his decision not to take part in elections.

Mikhalevich: Lukashenko has shown its inability of the West
"We need to wait for a return to what it was before now, of what, in fact, we all have long accustomed to — the ordinary prosecution, unfortunately, for us ordinary cases removal of material, can be — and new political prisoners."

M.Grib: "No thaw will not"
"I do not understand how to control Lukashenko. Starting this game could continue on. But he fears even allow anyone in this Parliament. It seems to me that he started the game in the direction of the West to the declaration of the elections, and later it cut, played chess board on the head. "

A.Logvinets: OSCE can not be fooled
"Of course, that will not deceive professionals OSCE beautiful pictures, sweet assurances of the Central Election Commission," — says the analyst Ales Lahvinets.

Calls for freedom: "The election results predictable"
"People do not believe that the" tent "what-nibudt decides. And stare as deputies to people aspiring to the trough — the trough to get the best criterion, since hitting a" tent "

110:0 in favor of the authorities
The new parliament looks more bureaucratic officialdom as true. In the midst of the new deputies — bureaucrats of the Presidential Administration, Managing Vitebsk regional executive committee vice-chairmen of regional executive committees a number of areas, urban bureaucrats and regional levels.

Parliamentary elections in Belarus fell short of OSCE standards
Despite some small improvements, September 28 parliamentary elections in Belarus as a result did not meet OSCE standards for democratic elections.
European Coalition believes the elections were rigged
In a special statement on the end of the election campaign, a coalition of European elections Named "undemocratic and unfree."

MIA transfer materials on the opposition rally to the Prosecutor General
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus opposition rally yesterday named "malicious violation of public order."
Ya.Lenarchych: fundamental flaws identified

OSCE mission to monitor the elections in Belarus issued a statement in which znyapravdila information filed yesterday by the Belarusian TV channels BT and ONT.
Observers reported ballot box opened
"Honest elections have been held. Our observers documented many violations and even the fact that the ballot box for early voting at one of the sites was revealed. That’s all we have documented. "
V.Katsora: "The opposition played up mode"

What happened was what was going to happen. I had no doubt what exactly it will be. Because we turn offered the entire opposition strategy to worst failed. That dignity out of the situation. "
CIS observers regret that the opposition was not included in Parliament
The mission of CIS observers recognized, yesterday’s elections in Belarus and Belarusian appropriate international standards.
Vyachorka: "Europe has lost a duel with Lukashenko"

"Machine fears recede even mm from knurled paths. My observations — those people who have supported reversing four years Lukashenko ran to discharge aggressively indifferent -" are not going anywhere, will not vote. "

The second round will not be

CEC chairman Lidia Yermoshina said that in all the suburbs deputies were elected in the first round. L.Ermoshina going to convene another House of Representatives until October 25.
Kalyakin not expect a positive assessment of the OSCE election

PKB favorite Sergei Kalyakin convinced that the elections have shown that the system is unlikely to change. "In almost all the places for the authorities for fraud is not enough even early voting."
Lyabedzka: "Lukashenko" threw "Europeans"

"I do not know what words to pick up, as they had been abandoned. This is the defeat of European diplomacy, those European politicians who have predicted what kind of business could come here. Maybe Lukashenko last year received offers from Moscow, from which he can not abandon because he gave the Europeans. "
In these elections, the House of Representatives was not intrigue. According to preliminary results of voting none of the opposition did not receive parliamentary mandate. Elections won people belonging to the middle-level public-economic nomenklatura, while in the first round and by
a wide margin from the competition. List of elected deputies voiced CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina, almost completely coincided with the week placed backwards "People’s Will" list of approved authority candidates were sent to the editors of this newspaper anonymous bureaucrat. The only surprise was perhaps that of losing Viktor Kuchinsky Director Alexander Zozulya Kobrin.
Opposition candidates complained about the obstacles in organizing observing the vote count on the use of administrative resources to ensure a huge turnout at the premature voting and other violations. The opposition did not recognize the election results and spent yesterday evening in the center of Minsk protest.
Analysts’ estimates
"What is happening — certificate error Europe"

Chronicle SEPTEMBER 28

Election results from 110 constituencies

Number neighborhoodfavoriteLosers
1Oleg VelichkoAnatoly Lewkowicz, BSDPG
2Larisa BogdanovichDmitry Szymanski, BPF
3Anna OnischukIgor Maslowski, BSDP (D)
4Nina FedorukAnatoly Novik, PKB
5Anatoly VankovichNicholas Chernous, UCP
6Svetlana Pishch 
7Vladimir MaisyukGregory Creek, UCP
8Nicholas AndreychukValentin Lazarenkov, BSDP (D)
9Eugene KazimirchikYuri Hubarevich, BPF
10Vladimir. ZdanowiczVladimir Kazeko, BPF
11Leonid Kovalevitch 
12Alexander ZozulyaAlexander Fur
13Larissa VershalovichVital Karatysh, nonpartisan
14Zinaida MandrovskayaEugene Pepper, PKB
15Konstantin Szewczyk 
16Nina Kulsha 
17Gennady Gritskevich 
18Viktor OvchinnikovIra Yaskevich
19Sergei Semashko 
20Aleksandrov LosyakinAlexander Vinogradov, PKB
21Vasily BajkovAvtukhov, BPF
22Vladimir AndreychenkoJaroslav Bernikovich, BPF
23Anthimos Mihalevitch 
24Vladimir SkovorodkoVictor Shulga, UCP
25Inna Antonova 
26Vladimir ZhereloVladimir Yurzhitsa UCP
27Vladimir AdashkevichAnna Levchenkova, BPF
28Peter YukzhykAlbert Markov, BSDP (D)
29Edward Kazurov 
30Alexander PopkovSergei Wozniak, PKB
31Alexander ChykilevViktor Khomich, PKB
32Alexander BelyaevVladimir Sekerka, PKB
33Alexander Shevko 
34Larisa Kuznetsova 
35Tatiana FilimonchikSergei Syarheenka, PKB
36Alexander Shatsko 
37Vladimir Mayorov 
38Vladimir kruzhanoy 
39Misha Light BrownMisha Selivonets, PKB
40Vladimir BataanValery Rybchenko, PKB
41Raisa TihanskayaViktor Nazarenko, PKB
42Eugene ArtyushenkoLeonid Orlov, UCP
43Sergei KanoplichVladimir Gavrylenko, UCP
44Alla Isachenko 
46Valentin KovalevSergei Dayneko, PKB
47Jora Dashkevich 
48Leonid Elyashevich 
49AntoņenkoVadim Saranchukou, BPF, Alexander Vasilyev, the last political prisoner, Sergei Kuzmenok, nonpartisan
50Sergei MaskevichSergei Antusevich, BPF
51Marina RemshaYaroslav Romanchuk, UCP
52Nicholas GorbachenokVictor Padchynenkau, UCP
53Valentin Lusin 
54Tamara Kleban 
55Misha HordeYanina Guzovskoy, PKB
56Vasily Stsyapura 
57Philip Bogush 
58Mieczyslaw KostyukIvan Sheha, BPF
59Tatiana Golubeva 
60Maria Biryukova 
61Vladimir Petrovich 
62Viktor GuminskyVitkar Gorbachev, UCP
63Vasily Gur’yanov 
64Igor Spilchanka 
65Oleg KotTatyana Vanina, nonpartisan
66Vasily LyutikovAlexander Volchanin, UCP
67Gennady Demchyk 
68Vasily BarbelArtem Agafonov, UCP
69Anna LevitskyOleg Shapovalov, PKB
70Nicholas ZhgoonAlexander Shumkevich, UCP
71Vladimir Sinjakov 
72Lena Novichev 
73Lena DzikavitskiSergei Soldatenko BSPD (D)
74Inessa KleschukAnatoly Jurevich BSPD (D)
75Eugene ObolenskyAlexander Tsatsura, UCP
76Lena Lavrukevich 
77Ivan BogatkaValery Frolov, BSPD (D)
78Lena ShamalVladimir Semashko, UCP, Lena Medvedev, BSPD (D)
79Vladimir KarpyakAnna Gotovets, UCP
80Anatoly GlazAlexander Chigir
81Tatiana OsmolovskayaAndrew Jurkov
83Tamara BelkinSergei Uneven
84Vladimir Vasilenko 
85Alexander YushkevichYuri Lenkin, PKB
86Tatiana Isachenko 
87Evgeny Melnikov 
88Alexander Rozganav 
89Sergei KryzhevichTaisa Kabanchuk
90Valery IvanovGregory Kostiusev, BPF
91Galina YurgelevichAlexander Bukhvostau
92Alyaksanadar Vysotsky 
93Anatoly Pavlovich 
94Gennady DavydkoVladimir Navasyad
95Valentina Leonenko 
96Sergei Goman 
97Alexei Kozlov 
98Victor Tolkachov 
99Svetlana Shilov 
100Igor KarpenkoValentine Svyatskaya, BPF
101Alexei KuzmichStanislav Shushkevich BSDG
Vitaly Rymashevski, nonpartisan
102Valentine LukashenokOlga Kozulin
103Svetlana SukhoveyVladimir Nistuk, BSPD (D)
104Valentine ZhuravskaIgor Rinkevich, BSPD (D)
106Galina PolyanskayaSergei Kalyakin, PKB
107Vitaly BuskoVictor Kovalchuk, a nonpartisan
108Nikolai KazakVictor Yanchurevich, nonpartisan
109Ignacy MisuraginMikhalevich
110Tamara ShcharabatsevichLyudmila Hraznova

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