Police arrested the newspaper’s circulation Free City

The arrest of the circulation of the newspaper "Free City" "Freedom," said editor Sergei Uneven. By him, operation run by a man in civilian clothes. Uneven Emperor does not rule out that it was KGB.
According to the editor, at first the police made sure that both numbers written newspaper circulation least 300 copies of that permitted by law, and were about to miss the editorial car, but a man in civilian ordered the arrest of circulation.
Circumstances of the arrest of circulation newspaper Sergei irregularities not been explained. He believes that the other day, a day or town authority tries to deprive urban residents disk imaging of the present situation in the region.
"Very many problems. Miasokombinat virtually bankrupt. Even at the cement plant fared poorly., Especially on entering the third furnace. I’m not talking about the state of the Plant rubber products. There’s a nightmare, people turned to Presidential Administration a complaint to the director. Write that their hurt, wages paid are small, bad working conditions. And we write about it all. "
Newspaper "Free City" comes from 1998. In Belarus, the newspaper is not recorded and are not allowed to be published in the local print shop, which is why "free city" must be printed in Smolensk.

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