Poll in Grodno: If there are two terms — means only two, not three, four, five

Young Man: "I understand that all the same, Putin at the moment as to influence the policies of, and in the coming will remain an influential figure in Russia. Frankly, I believe that neither in Russia, nor in fact there is no democracy in Belarus. It was not like, or not. Because I do not think Putin steps in this sense, change something. "
Young Man: "I’m watching events in Russia. Basically, I only" for "if Putin do something, or change the constitution — in short, when he left to run the state forever. "
Old man: "We look for those what’s happening in Russia, but I this problem really do not care. "
His companion: "Everyone at my hand pulls."
Man: "We live in Belarus and Our homeland — it is very far. Naturally, if a person seeks to power at any cost, it is not very good. There is a constitution, which must be followed. There is also a moral framework that people should be managed. "
Lady: "I agree: it is necessary to adhere to the constitution."
Old man: "It’s just populism, this should not happen, God forbid. Moscow for a thousand miles, and we’re at here in any way can not focus on normal life ends meet NOT meet. Well, how is it — do not know their own language, and he’s going to learn Chinese! "
Young Man: "In general the course of Putin rather fascinating, is reminiscent to say: I’m going, but not completely go away. It is just that he would have stayed in the third period. Think laws on a certain number of terms that a president can remain in power — they are written for a reason, but in order to power forever in the hands of one person’s not late. "
Man: "It’s the same as we have with Lukashenko. If there are two terms — means only two, not three, four, five, or how much they want. As it turns out that they have already written laws for themselves."
Young Man: "I am against this desire Putin, of course, because it is a step backwards in terms of democracy."
Man: "Their constitution in Russia created by the people, not one person. That we can change the constitution as you want. We’ve got power from the 1st person — he wants, and it does. "

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