Prosecutor’s Office warned Gorbachev’s calls for action

Here he painted under handed an official warning for appeals to the shares (Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code) and acts on behalf of the organization that is not registered in Belarus (article 193. P.1 Criminal Code of Belarus). Signed warning Borisov district prosecutor Vladimir Shpakovsky.
"I was told that the prosecutor’s office to find in the Web countless interviews and publications, public Tipo I urge businessmen to protest. My explanation that I speak for all just personal opinion, not were adopted. I even threatened criminal act, "- said Victor Gorbachev.
He also says that prosecutors warning forcing him be more usmotritelnym and clear.
"But the NGO" For Free Development of Enterprise "has the right to examine the economic situation in the markets of Belarus and explain it to people. In addition, We operate within the statute of our organization. And will continue to dobe ", — said Viktor Gorbachev.

Tags: action, Gorbachev warning

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