Quote a day or October 4

"Politics — this backyard mind. It is completely uninteresting ordinary people anywhere. Happy the country where people do not even know who have their president. And I’m tired of life to live on the margins of these. And hunting, in the end, at least for old age years talk about the love. "

Eugene Budinas about why the last book written about love

"He was very similar to his own life unchanged for the time in where he lived, and Time was similar to him. I think just Eugene assist it manifest in this time. He was the most eye-catching in every sense of the personality, who lived Belarus at the end of the last century and the beginning of the century today. And his niche, niche artist and man, in my opinion, there is no one to fill, because such persons in our present time, no. "

Nyaklyayeu died on October 4 Eugene Budinas

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