Russian-Belarusian day word order

Midst Belarusian poets Paul Sverdlav, Dmitry Dmitriev, Anka fell Marika Martysevich. Organizer of the Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima summed up the results of the first cultural event "Word Order":
"Festival of unprecedented Belarus: On a scale of time and the number of participants by geography. This is the subject of our pride. We are going to develop a poetic process and further in that direction. "
One of the participants, from Mogilev Dmitry Dmitriev, ranked Belarusian Russian poetry through poetry. Currently Dmitry writes in Belarusian. First moment very important to him:
"I currently know that in Belarusian currently writes more professional people. Scribblers What usually chosen Russian languageI talking about those, who writes in Belarus. To write in Belarusian, you need to have something in your head and you have to have something to say. "
October 6 verses sounded variety maskvskih, Mogilev and Minsk poets lyrical, philosophical, and playfully ironic. For example, in performing Marika Martysevich:
"All this evening with you on the court Max Mirnyi, His hands — gold, sweat it — frankincense and myrrh.
Press it — tulips, his feet cypresses, smell — generally sandalwood that from his loins evaporated.
His chest — hill ski complex "Silichi" in the forefront manezhu — people whom he had cured.
Bonfires of their crutches glow in glory him his gaze water charges, and persimmons ripen … "
Mogilevchanka serving under the pseudonym Anka fell, all the rest of the middle amused giranichna satirical poem written trasyankoy:
"Lady with a bucket on his head, you who are thinking pugats him?
We witch for you for not paying outrageous, the lady with a bucket on his head.
Ano is for you, I do not dispute, Headgear straynit you so.
No, not everyone stop pryydetstsa etat fanciful fashion trivia. "
October 7 poetry festival "Word Order" ends at the Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich. According to Nikolai Sulima, graduated Festival gala concert composed of those creators who are better read his works.
Report from the Metropolitan of Minsk a day or poetry festival "word order" 4.10.2007 "In Vilnius veritas" in Minske3.10.2007 Poetry Festival "Word Order" was opened in the name of the library Pushkina2.10.2007

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