Ryhor Baradulin Nobel try his luck in the subsequent time

October 8, has been dubbed the Nobel laureate in medicine, physics and chemistry. Now experts have decided the fate of the favorite of the Swedish Academy — the country’s eighteen recognized writers and scholars who have chosen the same members of the Academy until his death.
"Ksty" combined spiritual and of cosmic
People’s Poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin first 2007 he was re-nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for the book of poetry "Ksty."
Belarusian Writers Alliance received a letter from the Swedish Imperial Academy, in which it was said public Belarus has the right to resubmitted to the Nobel Prize in Literature Gregory Baradulin, which was nominated for the prestigious merit in the past year.
October 7 in Minsk Church of Saints Simon and Lena accomplished presentation immediately 5 books Gregory Baradulin, including a new edition of "KSTOVO."
One of those who put forward Baradulin for the Nobel Prize in Literature — rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk which directly involved in the occurrence book. Recently the father Vladislav limited to just one:
"We pray and wait, of course. Only this …. "
The news about the awarding of the English writer Doris Lesing Gregory Baradulin caught in the clinic. This was told his wife, Mrs. Valentine. She also said that the poet did not expect too much on the positive Belarus the success of the current draw.
But one of the first reviewers of the book "Ksty" Doctor, literary critic Peter Vasyuchenko, says that the price of the book is not affected. And in any case it is worthy of the biggest ratings:
"The significance of the book is that it in-1’s, sums up the spiritual and poetic experience of the poet, is the sum of his observations of life and the fruit of internal dialogue with God, the fruit of his God-seeking bow.
In-2-x, it sums up almost all of the Belarusian experience of spiritual poetry that began since the time of Cyril of Turov and lasted for centuries.
A universal value of this collection of poetry is that the poet is trying to connect to it and of cosmic earth, trying realities of the universe of the universe passed through a prism of earthly vision. Vision of the poet with wings, Usha poet.
The parallels between the earth of cosmic and that makes Ryhor Baradulin, very bold and innovative. And in terms of spiritual search, and in terms of humanistic content that they have in mind the conditions for obtaining premium, it will certainly be worth it, this book. "
There is no mechanism to nominate a candidate from Belarus
Writer and a close friend of Gregory Baradulin Valentin Taras upset choice of the Swedish Academy. But says that this is necessary to make certain conclusions:
"Worth Gregory Baradulin naturally, does not change. How not changed price Bykov — he was nominated for more than one year …
Hard for me to criticize the Nobel Committee Nobel academics. But I think here the fact, that we do not know the mechanism of the nomination for the Nobel Prize, it must do after, we offered the candidacy of another or his own person.
I have information from different sources, it is not street. One of the criteria support the candidacy and ensure passage through the upcoming Nobel committee — that among those who make it or any other creator, must be someone from the Nobel Prize.
Unfortunately, when we nominate Vasil Bykov, support from existing at the time the Nobel laureate we did not have.
Here is another thing — how lucky or unlucky. Say, could support the candidacy Baradulin Czeslaw Milosz, but he died in 2003. Because I think that is true, what you need think, and more than a thorough approach to the nomination. And to take appropriate measures to investigate a mechanism of nomination right. "
On Friday, October 12, at the Nobel Institute in Oslo will be declared the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. In This year midst of nominees for the venerable 181 Award candidate from their personal 135 individuals and 46 organizations.
Middle of the contenders for the Peace Prize and two Belarusian: Managing the Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk, ex-chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich and human rights activist Ales Bialiatski.

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) — Swedish inventor, tycoon, linguist, philosopher, humanist. Went down in history as the inventor of dynamite, patented in 1867. As compensation for their dangerous opening before his death bequeathed five Nobel prizes for significant achievements. Sixth Prize in Economics, founded in 1968 by the Swedish Municipal Bank in memory of Nobel.
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