S.Horevskogo: Proclamation of BNR — it was a spectacle, it was carnival

Shupe: You — art critic and art historian. With your prof spectacle — here you go by today’s Minsk — or "see" you BNR?
Hareuski: Certainly. Fortunately, in Minsk remained survived those buildings that were associated with the first days of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. This is the Governor’s House and the theater, and the famous "Serpukhovskaya" — the last church archeology museum, and even miraculously survived the fire station of the former Brest-Litovsk the railroad where railroad sheltered dispersed Vsebelaruskiki Congress. So someone who knows the history of BPR, and the one who knows the history of Minsk, and current street they say very many.
Shupe: Well, it is necessary to know and still need to turn up. But imagine for yourself — you closed your eyes and eyelids in the situation if the BNR in 1918 has come true and here you are now, 90 years later, standing in Minsk. What would have looked different?
Hareuski: He certainly would have looked completely different. First, since — an exciting feature: March 25, 1918 in Minsk were together all the leading architects of Belarus or hails from Belarus — came from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw. Eminent among them Leo met-Dubeykavski, were Gaiduchevici and Guy and Shabunevskogo from Gomel. They had a premonition something — met-Dubeykavski already began to draw regular projects Belarusian schools … Certainly, would not leave such devastation churches that came out in the 30s — for a long time before the war were destroyed in Minsk 10s temples — now they would stand. Where would certainly take good care of the old days, with reminders of the past. And of course, the style, which then will sing in our architects — Belarusian State style — it would certainly not Stalinism, which is now practically forms the image of our town. It would be the city itself, for us, for the Belarusians.
Shupe: Do you believe in sudden turns of history? Can history be more sudden than literary fiction?
Hareuski: Faith. Since the first proclamation of the act based on the belief of the real situation, which was in Belarus — it was some spectacle. It was a carnival. In principle, such could not happen. 1991, the collapse of the Union of Russian — Belarus and at one point, without waiting for this, gains independence. Is what literary creator could predict in 1990 that suddenly there will be neither the USSR nor the Communist Party? So what you need believe, and I think history will give us many more exciting moments and sharp turns.
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