Something is wrong with us with a free press, the freedom of beliefs

Vladimir, Polotsk: "In the debate with supporters of Lukashenka to hear the subsequent argument:" Here we have the order in Belarus, and where democracy — everywhere mess. "As an example, they cite neighboring Ukraine. In turn, as an example, I cite Germany or the Scandinavian countries. There, I say, too, democracy, only hardly any of you Turnover language say there also a mess. Do not believe me? Go there and make yourself. Do not understand these people, democratization — it is not an instant process. Asleep under the dictatorship, awoke in a democracy — it does not happen. Democratization — a process that requests a certain time. Your idol Alexander G. threw Belarus least, 15-20 years back. And if not for Alexander G., with its collective farm management style, Belarus, maybe would have in the European Union, in the family of civilized European states . "
Lady: "In Radio Liberty we call not in order to play. We express their complaints izymatelstva over the people, we demand the Freedom March to say: "Freedom to Kazulin."
Sir, Pinsk: "Last week we did not in Pinsk go is independent independent newspaper" Local. "As usual we have to be independent press, it as statedcamping, ate local authorities. Something is wrong with us with a free press, the freedom of beliefs. Who has a personal idea of the best official, can not express it, although no sedition is not printed newspaper. It was — as it should. She talked about the events that took place in our town. Citizens adored this newspaper appealed to her for help, she helped. And it is not already. What we have in the country, will be a free press, it is hard to tell if everything is to be further developed. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Who gave the right to violate the Constitution of Belarus, refusing to register" Young Front "? This is our worthy replacement, which will be do, so that people lived like Europeans, and not because right now.
For you, the heroes of Belarus, "Young Front" strongly wish to continue their work for the benefit of native Belarus. Belarus will not forget you. "
Lady: "I am listening on TV that Ukraine got rid Democrats defeated. I wish to congratulate them. Best Ukrainians, decent living and that they were excellent. "

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