Streets Sapieha and Bryl will coexist with the prospect of Dzerzhinsky

Initiative to assign new names of streets and Yankee Bryl Lew Sapieha came from White CompanyRussian language Skarina behalf. His manager Oleg Trusov states that in such cases, it all starts with the letter addressed to Misha Pavlov — Chairman of Executive Committee:
"We wrote an appeal to him about the streets and Sapieha Bryl: Sapieha on somewhere first year, Bryl — spring. About Sapieha answer came very quickly — will solve the problem. And about Bryl was a long silence. Then we gathered at Bryl unlimited number of signatures from all over Belarus. These letters always walked in the name of Paul. And in the end we got and Sapieha, and Bryl. "
For assigning new street names of prominent Belarusians voted 37 out of 44 deputies. Interested in how to vote Vladimir Kravchenko — Chief doctor of one of Minsk dental clinics, incidentally, father of Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Petkevich. He argues that supported the proposal:
"Well, how could I vote differently if I — Deputy Chairman of the case peranazovvannya? And in some matters a lot was my own initiative. "
Reporter: "Mr. Kravchenko, whether it is possible read on, taken a course that will last? "
Kravchenko: "Absolutely. We will mark specifically Belarusian Eminent Persons those people, that have own contribution to the development of independence of Belarus, who defended the interests of Belarus, who were educators. "
Vladimir Kravchenko says that also decided to rename the street Berson that Reddish church, in the street Edward Voinilovich. MP explains why not all of his colleagues supported these proposals:
"We need to explain why that’s so took this street renamed. Although earlier proposals were not rename — about the economic costs. We calculated the street Berson all costs. Huge cost is not there, since it is not a lot of housing estates.
And to generate views of Deputies, we agreed with the Institute of History of the State Academy to hold a workshop with the members. "
Oleg Trusov said that in the coming year in the capital, apparently, will street named after Stepan Nekrashevich:
"Already there is a prior agreement control the town. I have found a common language on the street named vice-president of the Academy, the famous scientist Stepan Nekrashevich.
And the last sentence, which I sent to the city council of days — to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. I’m asking you to do the bust in front of the house where at the moment is the hotel "Europe", and hang a sign on the property: "There was a house in which was held the first performance Dunin-Marcinkiewicz."
TBM commemorated Yankees Bryl, 5.08.2007

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