Striking donors from Mogilev have gained partial concessions

Yesterday evening a special commission, made by order of the chairman of the executive committee Boris Batura, heard a report from the head doctor of the blood transfusion station Boris Goldenberg.
After his speech, the commission approved the proposal without debate Mogilev blood transfusion.
Preserved benefits — only a fraction of those that had previously donors. To This time unclear whether retain free dentures, 50 percent discount on the purchase of pharmaceuticals and preferential spa healing.
How should decisions of the Commission, for the donor retained the right to receive a holiday in comfort for their time, partly-paid trips to rest homes and additional output.
Noble donor compensate fare — but within the boundaries of the region where they live. Donors offered reward at work.
In addition, donors will receive food and clothing humanitarian packages.
"Implementing these options will allow here have unchanging contingent donors that very principle. If so that’s a form of verbovaniya donors work, we will keep the situation under control, to ensure sufficient supplies of blood, "- said" Freedom "Boris Goldenberg.
Commission Decision of Executive Committee on the conservation benefits to donors — the first in the country. Mogilev always stood out from other regions of Belarus, Boris Goldenberg says.
"We carefully enough about preserving donor resources. We have a noble donor Kovalenko, who raised these social. Reducing benefits donors will lead to huge dilemmas we felt it immediately.
I think that this phenomenon is not accidental, but systemic. What we are doing at the moment at the field, will be an example for other regions, "- said the chief doctor of the blood transfusion station Boris Goldenberg.
Pioneer strikes Mogilev donors, chairman organizing committee of the charity fund "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko ruling executive committee referred to another victory donors.’s His outlook:
"The number of donors has decreased markedly. Not all donors are willing to go to the station of blood transfusion only for humanitarian purposes. They calculated how much money will be taken from the regional budget — it turned out that it is not very huge amounts of money.
These benefits at the local level do not stabilize the situation in the donation. I would suggest to create a program from bureaucrats — not only support donation, and donors themselves. "
Compared with other regions in the Mogilev Belarus donors minimum.
In 2006 Mogilev registered blood transfusion station was about 8.5 thousand donors. In the area of 2004 the number of donors decreased by about 8%.
• Mogilev appealed to donors Council of Europe to clarify, 25.09.2007
• Mogilev not enough donors, 14.09.2007

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