Tatiana Borisik Life surpasses all imagination

Znatkevich: "As I understand it, you have begun to write poetry earlier than prose, even at the festival in Krapiuna field of Orsha in 2002 you defeated in the nomination poetry — and itself that you put more value, own poetry or prose?"
Borisik: "I do not know, I did not even result in another, more valuable for me. Prior to his own work, I very seriously» sur am not, therefore, let people decide what is more valuable."
"To assume that only creativity and nothing else — I do not have such …"
Znatkevich: "If you do not treat it seriously» Sur, you is faster as a hobby?"
Borisik: "I would not say that it is a hobby, but very sur» seriously, believing that only creativity and nothing else in life — I do not have such … But I respect your own reader, if I have it. I think that what I create, not only curious to me. "
Znatkevich: "Have you ever tripped their stories, it says that on the facade, which can be behold in television, magazines, man lost the feeling of reality of his own existence. How do you think your little stories return the feeling of reality? "
Borisik: "I think so, because people are not tired of reality, he tired of heresy that reigns in this reality — a heresy in the media, in literature heresy, heresy, even in everyday interpersonal relations at the household level."
Znatkevich: "And you namagaetsesya very accurately write that yourself have seen, heard, or still is a place for some fudge for fantasy?"
Borisik: "From time to time I write stories, life surpasses all imagination. From time to time do not know how to respond to such a life means realistic literature."
Znatkevich: "In other words, life is more mind-boggling for fiction?"
Borisik: "Yes. Life is much more multifaceted, and need to have a very fancy brains to come up with all this. "
"The child does not change a man, so to finish writing"
Znatkevich: "Tell me, at least some of the heroes of your stories to read them?"
Borisik "Maybe and read, but well, some do not realize that they are. Anew, as we exist in heresy. Recognize that this is concretely described it — it will never recognize, but can neither doth his heart think so.
I had an idea once printed in the local newspaper some of my stories, but I was 100 percent sure that if the characters do not know the stories themselves, you would know all around, and very man was uncomfortable to live in this city. "
Znatkevich "Are you at the moment with a small child, to grow it takes a lot of time. Some general they say that the birth of the baby can destroy a creative person in a lady — or that all men fudge?"
Borisik: "I think it’s all men’s inventions. Apparently, not only men. Share literature on men and women, too, I believe, should not … The child does not change a person so as not to do to do what he do — just happens to be that not enough time, not enough health. But not written not because there is no desire. "
Znatkevich: "And for you at the moment," spelled "?"
Borisik: "Yes, but not always enough free time on a purely physical level. Optionally could write more."
Znatkevich: "Including the poems — or, you only write prose in the near future?"
Borisik: "From time to time, and poetry."
"I try not to nazalyatstsa people with their creativity"
Znatkevich: "You are currently in the village Krugloneva Bobruisk district. The local people know that you are a writer, at least one of the neighbors know that you write stories?"
Borisik: "I am not this poster. Some do not realize that I’m doing."
Znatkevich: "A number of those who think out — anyone is interested, asks require read — people do not read?"
Borisik "Fact, In the village Krugloneva very small number of people here in the summer is 8 residential yards, all people of retirement age. From time to time — yes, especially when I worked in rayonke, read something, know something that I do so — but I do not in their own environment and try not to posters nazalyatstsa people with their creativity. "
Znatkevich "Tatiana, when you lived in Mogilev — for you it was creepy or not to walk the streets?"
Borisik: "I agree with the views of the city, especially Mogilev — this stone tropical undergrowth. I would not say I was on the street is not very scary to walk, I feel safe, but in the yard, in a ‘& # 39; ezde — here I feel in danger. larger town, so it is amplified. "
"Coming out of the village, it is better to spell"
Znatkevich: "And compared with Mogilev, how you feel in the village?"
Borisik: "Here you feel more harmless, although in the village only two lights burning, and the only danger — braznutstsa porch … But if a person wants to find adventure — he will find them, no matter in the village or town. "
Znatkevich: "And you matter where and where to write?"
Borisik "No, does not have great significance, just better, that nobody bothered — I do not care. Just need to understand experiences, what happens … Just arrived from the countryside, write better. "
Znatkevich: "What you read the last book, which would recommend to read our listeners?"
Borisik "Lena Bravo." Curfew for the swallows. "

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