The party arrived in Mogilev Kupala more girls

Excerpt from the poem Kupala party started. It brought together the main girl.
On the legend, in which one of the versions of the origin of Mogilev and Mogilev Kupala poem told historian Igor Pushkin. For his poem "Tomb lion" is topical for Belarus for a long time:
"This understanding, went from our name — the name of man, society, civilization and town. Two approaches: the grave — it is death, it is death. This name is gone or whether that there killed people, or associated with love, life, the future. I believe that Masheka and Predslava — our future. It — free-love1 person.
And now: how we litsezreem Mogilev? How must be Masheka — free and lover, or a man in despair — "what did I do?" Said Igor Pushkin
As the current Mogilev understand the poem "Tomb lion"? That representation of women:
"Destroy him the woman whom he was very fond. Maybe through this, that he was buried, and there was a title" Tomb lion. "Naturally, it is very topical. Through give a lot of things going on."
"As for me Masheka? It could be a brand of town. Masheka for me is not so much the image of the ill-fated love, as the image of free-1 person ";
Guys perceive poem differently:
"Masheka — Belarus is a sign of the struggle for freedom. It was the beginning of a hero, until he began to make grievances. So he began to avenge the insult."
"For me Masheka exemplary. Plot of the poem is burning — love and money. Can I buy a love for money, or more than the highest sense it?"
Yanka Kupala graduated poem "Tomb Lion" in 1913 at the estate trenches. The first time the product has been placed in the newspaper "Belarus" in 1920. Separate edition of the poem was published in Minsk in 1927, 3,000 copies.
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